Noseman Tips


The Origins of Noseman

In a world of ne’er-do-wells and mischief makers, cat burglars, ham burglars, scallywags and bullies, the need for Noseman was huge! In a world of sneeze and disease, a redeemer of allergy, scourge of pollen, champion of sufferers everywhere was sorely needed! Who made Noseman? Perhaps he was created in an elementary school science lab.  Kids experimenting on Mr. Potato Head. They all suffered with sneezing and wheezing (little did they know that an overgrown abandoned lot with weeks galore was their closest enemy!!)  Noseman cleaned the lot out with one explosive burst! Disguised, no one knew who saved them!!

Stay tuned as more is revealed about Noseman.  Meet Doc Zemmel, as well as Noseman’s girlfriend, Rosie!


  • noseman3In spring & Fall, pollen counts are highest in the morning & at dusk. You should avoid exercise during these peak pollen times!
  • Did you know if your have allergies to the things outside, you should not open your windows in your home or car?  Always use air conditioners instead.